This event, like many, will rely heavily on volunteers to assist in the smooth running of classes. This year we shall utilize the Sign Up App.  All volunteer jobs will be loaded and they will initially not be assigned to a specific state, anyone can volunteer for any of the available jobs. SO those that volunteer early get the pick of the available duties. It is expected that each state will ensure members of their team volunteer.

On 26th September 2018 any duties not filled will be allocated by the Volunteer co-ordinator to those states that have not had an appropriate number of volunteers “Sing Up”. It is the team manager’s responsibility to fill these duties within their team, and submit appropriate helper names to the Volunteer co-ordinator by 30th September, 2018.

A state’s timeliness and co-operation to volunteering will contribute to the Team Work Trophy Award.

Please report to the volunteer’s office 20 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure all classes can begin on time.  If you are unable to fill your volunteer role you need to find a replacement within your team.

Where applicable, riders/siblings are more than welcome to complete the volunteer jobs themselves, i.e. runner and poles jobs are ideal!   If anyone has spare time and would like to volunteer some more, please do.  If you need clarification of your volunteer job descriptions please ask at the volunteer’s office.   Happy volunteers make for a happy event and we have a special thank you bag for all volunteers.  Please contact Amy Rush evisvolunteers@gmail.com